How does this work?

First, we chat about your event and the types of pieces you’d like me to create. Although we all love social media, please email me with any inquiries as it’s easier to keep track of those messages!

Typically, for stationery orders such as envelope addressing and place card calligraphy, you provide blank pieces and I send back your finished items. I do supply certain materials for signage such as acrylic panels, wooden signs and chalkboards. Feel free to visit my rental page as I am consistently adding to my inventory. If you need help sourcing supplies, I can help with that, too!


How soon do I need to book your calligraphy services?

Ideally, as soon as possible! To ensure that I have enough time to complete your project, please contact me at least two to three months ahead of time. If you're within that two to three month time period, I may still be able to accommodate your items without it being considered a rush order. If you need to place a rush order, please contact me as soon as possible! It’s never too early to book me for your big day.


What types of signs do you provide? Can I provide my own piece for you to add calligraphy?

Ooh I’m glad you asked because my heart skips a beat for pretty signage! I can write on acrylic, wood, mirrors, chalkboards, paper, stone, marble, glass windows, the list goes on. And of course! Just chat with me about it-sending me a picture would be great so I can make sure that it’s a piece that ink will adhere to well.


Can I use your calligraphy in my invitation suite?

Absolutely! This is a great way to create a cohesive look from the script in your suite to your envelopes and day-of signage. I provide “spot calligraphy” where I provide digitized files of my calligraphy to your stationer that they can insert into your invitation design. Please inquire for pricing as this varies based on the amount of calligraphy required.


What type of envelopes do I need to order?

If you know that you want calligraphy on your envelopes, be sure to discuss this with your stationer. Unfortunately, not all envelopes are created equally and it is important that they are smooth with a tight weave so the calligraphy ink doesn’t bleed and the nib doesn’t stick to the paper. A good idea is to test your envelopes with a fountain pen. If the ink doesn’t bleed or feather out on the letters, we should be fine. If you are ordering your own envelopes, I highly suggest Cards and Pockets for their quality, color selection and affordability!


How do I need to format my address list?

Once you’ve approved a quote, I will send you an attachment that specifies how to format your address list. Please be sure to spell each name and address exactly how you want it written on the piece rather than in columns or spreadsheets. All lists must be sent to me in Microsoft Word or Google Docs. Here’s an example:

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Alan Scott

555 Oak Knoll Avenue

Apartment 203 B

Richmond, Virginia 23221


Do I need to order additional envelopes/place cards/escort cards?

Yes! Please order at least 15% extra envelopes as alas, I am human and human errors can occur. This is industry standard and absolutely required to ensure that we’re not in a bind down the road! It also comes in handy should you realize you left someone off the original list (it happens).


How do I get my items to you/pick them up?

Good question! If you are ordering items, you may ship them directly to me. If you have your items and are local to the greater Richmond area, I typically meet clients at the Target on Forest Hill Avenue to pick up and drop off items. I practically live there, so why not make it my home base for order exchanges! All rental pick ups take place the Thursday before your event and should be returned the Monday following the event. If other arrangements need to be made, we can work those out too.